It's not just Business, It's Personnel
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Communication is so important it will either make you or break you at work!

Topic Description
How we act and react, what we say and how we say it are all within our control. Even professional relationships affect the people around us at work. And people take it personally when they are treated as if they dont matter. This course offers unique ways to bring out the best in the people and develop stronger internal corporate integrity.
Seminar Description

Keynote Description
The actions and reactions of management create the tone of the working environment. The ways managers communicate can build trust, respect and cooperation; or the opposite. Inspire business owners and managers to think about how they affect their employees by how they speak to them. 
  • Critical methods in communicating with employees which maintain the integrity of the company
  • Understand that 'how' we say our words affect the reaction of others more than 'what' we say
  • Learn some intricate ways we communicate such as: 
  • What messages body language gives
  •  Hear the message behind the tone of voice 
  • How to manage your own behaviour around conflict 
  • Taking care of oneself while ensuring respect for others 
  • Building up your employees constructively
  • How to discipline in order to improve the behavior