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Happy Monday - June 25, 2012

by Tami Anderson on 06/25/12

Happy Monday!

Today is my Mom's 84th Birthday. My Mom was way ahead of her time in many ways - working, volunteering, practical jokes, caring for her parents and it goes on and on. She started out taking a secretarial course in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 1940's. She worked for the military for a time. Although I am not sure why, she went off to a hairdressing course in the '50's. Maybe it was because it was important to my mom that she be around until I went off to school. I was the youngest in our family. She opened up a hair shop in our house at first and later, she owned a shop in our small prairie town. She was very talented with crafty kinds of things. When I was in elementary school, she owned a flower shop. I loved going there. There smell was calming. As a default, when jobs were scarce or the small town got smaller, she would take administrative positions. Money was always very tight but we always had good food, a large garden and knew lots of farmers.

When she moved to Calgary, she found her destiny, blessed to be an interpreter/counsellor with the deaf community. It was great how she was able to bring all her attributes, loves, skills and talents into the one job that filled her heart to the brim.

I respect the dedication my Mom had for her various careers, ending with her passion right up to retiring. Yay! Monday was just another day for her to do what she loved to do; work with the people she cared about and who cared deeply for her. They still call or drop by often. 

So, make your Life at work be something that brings out the very best in you!

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