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by Tami Anderson on 07/04/12

With billions of people doing billions of jobs, do you ever think about how connected we truly are? Just take a look at something near you - something sitting on your desk, your computer or the clothes on your back. The very essence of what it is has touched the hands of tens or hundreds of people before it ever reached you.

The materials used to make it, the people who put it together, the machinery in all its locations, those who packaged, shipped, retrieved, warehouses, displayed, sold and even those who financed each of the operations.

By the mere chance you own that exact thing makes you connected to each of those people; makes your job in your company connected to each of those other companies in every one of their jobs, crossing over numerous industries.

What we do, in our work, is very important. How we see our roles, responsibility, product and service is a direct influence to others - around the globe. When we think we have nothing to offer it is not a true belief. We have much to offer. We have much to receive from others. We are not an island in the big sea of life. We have a purpose; a reason to be here; a need to be useful to others.

Make today matter. Make your Life at work matter! Yay!

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