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Recognition and Its Effect

by Tami Anderson on 07/10/13


Working in my garden recently, I thought about why I find it so difficult to do small jobs before they end up being big jobs. Procrastination may come to your mind. Maybe. Could procrastination be caused by something else though? For me, that something else can be a lack of recognition. 

Here is why I thought about this. I decided to devote one early-morning hour to pulling the long, tough brome grass out of our small raspberry patch. Bit by bit it would be conquered, giving the raspberries lots more nutrients. I did a couple of days and mentioned it to my husband. He said, "Didn't even make a dint, eh"! My heart sank, interest wained immediately. A thought came. (Oh Oh!). "Do it yourself then", my brain said. Now, as if that will make the raspberries bigger, plumper, tastier! New thought needed! I went out to the garden to admire the little space where the raspberry plants stood tall and healthy. I felt much better by changing my focus. No fight, resentment, retaliation, negative effect. Instead, I felt happy, proud, grateful and excited about those little berries. Next day, I pulled more grass and admired it again. 

Then I thought about how other people feel about doing their tasks when they don't get much recognition. Like people working in isolated or overlooked jobs - the garbage collector, the utility folks, the administrative assistant, a stay at home parent. When we get what we need we don't think about how it gets done or by who. Maybe they are too busy to recognize what someone else is doing. Other times, people craving recognition can't see another's accomplishments. Some just choose not to recognize others.  The results?  It's hard to do our best or keep going. Clients (employers and employees) tell me that all the time. It is one of the reasons they procrastinate. People feel unhappy with their job or life. They are not as capable, happy, friendly or productive as they could be. They switch jobs, feel anxious, have low self esteem, get depressed. Their essence of who they are is not built, developed, expanded. People do not view their Life at work as an extension and expression of who they are. How destructively sad!

So, what would happen if we did recognize others? For the little progresses; the common, everyday things they do? Every single day, as a business owner, manager, parent, coworker,  teacher, clerk, student, spouse or plain ol' human being, we have the opportunity to make a difference in every person we come across. Imagine that! Imagine the possible impact! 

Here is a list of tips to build recognition... 

  1. Change the focus from 'ME' long enough to see 'YOU'. 
  2. Listen to the voices in our heads; the reaction of our hearts. 
  3. Make a choice to support ourselves and others. 
  4. Show or tell others that what they do is important.
  5. Encourage others to see their contributions.
  6. Be polite; say please and thank you. 
  7. Look people in the eye (kindly) when speaking to them.
  8. BE grateful. 
  9. Be the change. 
  10. And, always keep in mind our Life at work is progress not perfection :D

Tami Anderson finds ways to be useful for all three aspects of the employment relationship - Employers, Employees and the Organization - by removing blockages and creating unity with challenging, common sense, useable solutions. 


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