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Being Happy at Work IS our Destiny

by Tami Anderson on 07/20/12

Jane came to me recently for career coaching. She just had to get a different job and wanted to make sure it was the right one this time. Her career had been a series of default positions, putting her into a great job, but one she did not like. She likes the industry and her company, actually wanting to stay right where she is, if possible (anything is possible, isn't it?). She loves her manager and most of her co-workers are really positive people. Why would she doubt her ability to find a job she likes? Why isn't she discussing this with the HR folks instead? What could be the real problem?

Well, like most of us, every job Jane has had on her career path came to her by default. Through an array of circumstances and reasons, her work life evolved without her actually creating it. She was a bystander, not a creator. She does not know her pre-designed destiny yet - the deep, real inside drives, desires and needs. She is at a stage in her life where she feels a disconnect between her and her job. She wants happiness, fulfilment and purpose. Like many, her thought was, "Is this it? Is this all there is?"

The disconnect Jane is experiencing is quite common. It often occurs when a person is working for the paycheque that will buy all the things perceived to create happiness (home, clothes, car, holidays) and worth (position, respect, responsibility). When the job gives us all these things yet still feel a void, we search for an answer. 

In career counselling, the focus is holistic in nature. A client is guided through a self discovery, pulling every aspect of their self into one beautiful tapestry. Their work is from the inside out. This is not about vocational selection but rather taking oneself on a journey to find the destiny that creates inter-connectedness. A process where all the aspects of their humanness, their deep needs and desires, become met and then become part of the journey for others. 

Many clients face blocking issues while they explore their unique, valuable internal path.  There are many blocks. A common one and one that came up for Jane is self-judgement; a denial that true happiness is necessary, attainable or that she is even worthy of it. The magic that occurs in this process is the realization that every strength and tool she ever needed is already lying right there; right inside her. She just had to put all the pieces together. She will be whole with clear direction on living her Life at work.

Since we spend our very best time of our life at work, it makes sense to me that we are designed in such a way that our job is an extension of who we are; not a definition and never intended to be a daily grind. This does not mean life is a breeze and everything will or should always fall perfectly into place. It means we all trudge Life's road together. And, when we are on our intended path, the trudge is easier, the load lighter. So, being happy at work is our intended destiny, whether or not it is necessary, attainable or if we are worthy.  

* The name has been changed to protect the client's privacy. To all my Jane friends, thank you for letting me use your lovely name. I hope you don't mind :)

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