Creating happy work spaces
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Creating happy work spaces

Creating happy workspaces

by Tami Anderson on 06/14/12

Here's my thinking - many people I meet do not love either their job or the company where they work. Some I meet are happy in their job and want learn how to make it even better. I have a message to pass on to people about how very important they are and so is what they do every day. It is like Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true". This includes having a safe and wonderful place to spend your hard working hours or to grow your future.
With this in mind, I set up the Career Design Seminar. It is on June 21st at the Foothills Centennial Community Hall in Okotoks.

This may not be for you, but I don't know how to reach all the people who are looking for something like this. I am hoping you can forward this message to your family, friends, neighbours, coworkers and ask them to send it out to theirs so the word gets out. Thank you!

Of your friends, family, neighbours, coworkers - these kind of people would likely attend this seminar:

- Anyone looking for work or a career - students or outplaced workers

- Someone who, enjoying their job, wants to improve in their career
- For the poor souls who don`t like their job or maybe the company where they are working
- Entrepreneurs who want a sense of purpose or maybe, personal satisfaction through their work
- Those retired or soon to be retiring, looking for the next phase

The benefits in taking this workshop:

- Discovering direction in a career - new, expanding or changing
- Tools to remove the emotional beliefs blocking a person from doing what he or she REALLY wants to do
- Developing a sense of purpose and meaning in your job
- Happiness in your Life at work

Attached are two links - for further details and to register. I am grateful for your time and thank you for passing this message on asap to anyone you think would like to know or would know someone who would benefit.

Register Now:

Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Recruitment - Employers - The bottom line...

by Tami Anderson on 09/03/10

The first thought when recruiting is to fill in the gaps of what is not getting done. The list of what needs to get done becomes a bit of a 'To Do' list rather than a job outline that will improve the bottom line for the company.

Right here, I'd like to explain how we see the term 'bottom line'. It is the end of the line where there is a measurement of how we are doing. There's an economic bottom line of income or expenditures. I think we are all aware of this one. There's also an emotional bottom line; what people are emotionally able to do for a company. This is measurable too. When people feel: there is too much work; or not enough work; able to maximize their talents; able to see a future; their managers are controlling the strong interpersonal issues; support; and management uses strength and respect are all ways to measure the emotional bottom line for an organization.
A second point to look at in this scenario is that a company doesn’t typically look for a new hire until they are at their end - time, money or resources (occasionally a threat by the current staff). With the boom and then bust of the economy, especially in Alberta, there were increases in production (this includes services). The increase didn’t always end if new services or products were added during the boom. So, when the orders reduce and the company still has all the production to maintain, there is difficulty making the economics work. So, staff are laid off. But, services and product lines are not necessarily reduced at the same rate. The existing staff picks up the difference. Most people can operate at this accelerated pace from 6 months to maybe 3 years. At some point, the bottom line starts to come into focus. They start to create boundaries with the employer, supervisor, staff or families - with whomever they can start. When the limits are not respected, something has to give.  Often it is work performance. With a chronic condition, the employee will eventually take short/long term leave or quit.

Here's the first idea to hiring. So where does an employer start when looking for the right person? It is always critical to look at the bottom line. What is the core business? What is the core income with the products/services? It is important to always stay focused on the core. From there, everything stays apparent. We look at the roles and responsibilities needed to operate at the current level and how to grow. Then measure all the skills and talents currently existing. Juggle people to their strengths. Train the areas outstanding. Keep your people in this loop. Get their feedback of what they see, need and where they see their future with your company. Build a complete picture of what is needed. the reporting, role, strengths, personalities and bottom lines all around.

Here's the result: The new hire has a defined place to fit into the organization. They know they belong and are an important part of the whole process. They are not there to pick up all the slack of each person not able to get their work done. They have value.

Tami Anderson
Best Foot Forward Consulting Inc
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Our first step forward

by Tami Anderson on 08/30/10

This is an exciting day. A time to set aside some apprehensions and move forward with a new tool with the hope to reach more people. We help people find and keep great jobs and we help companies to find and keep great people. So, as you can see, we have two very important clients. So, we decided to share some of our insights about the employment world from both perspectives.

Employers - to keep great people, it is critical to treat them like the best resource the company has since they are on your front line. People make decisions, create a product and serve the customers.

Employees - to do the best job possible, it comes from working at a job that fits - get to do what you like to do, do what you are good at doing, meets your needs and gives you the chance to shine with the problems you solve best!

Let's look later at how to make it all happen. I'd love to hear from you!!!!

Tami Anderson, Best Foot Forward Consulting (