We look forward to our paths crossing while on this journey of Life. 

People may see me as innovative, insightful, knowledgeable and friendly. I see myself as brutally honest, resourceful and a gatherer of people. Walking the talk means actually knowing the material, experiencing the difficulties, finding a way to resolve them and sharing the solutions. 

After 25 years in Human Resources, including experience as VP Operations of an international recruitment firm, this is what I noticed: 

Management and employees come at their work 
from completely different perspectives, 
even though their common goal 
can be for an actual higher good. 
The challenge is to bridge the gap; create strength, live well. 

I would like to eliminate, but will settle for reducing, the confusion, dysfunction and suffering I see in workplace, organizations and communities. Every human being has a right and obligation to live out a purposeful life. Every organization has an obligation to their own survival, industry and community. The result of combing the two means coming together with a singleness of purpose – a “oneness” within to create a strength without.

We need of a solid foundation, strength in our unity, values from the heart and congruency in our structure.  We must bring our wholeness into this wholeness. Then every person has a voice to be heard and respected. 

Acceptability is directly related to Organizational and Community Wholeness

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